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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Autumn 1 Term 2019

Welcome to our Year 1 newsletter


A warm welcome from the Year 1 team! This term starts with our topic ‘Ourselves and other animals’ where we will be focusing on two different books, Kipper’s Toy Box and The Lion inside.


Notice board:

Keep an eye on our Year 1 notice board (by the front entrance), as this is where we will provide you with additional information over the year.  On here, we will also keep you updated with what we are learning each week in English, Mathematics and Phonics along with other subjects we will be looking at that week. 


Reading: Please remember that you have signed the home school agreement that states “I will read frequently with my child and support home learning activities.” The more you can practise reading at home the better!  It is important that this is recorded in the yellow reading record books. We will be continuing to use the book they were using in year R, so please let us know if you can’t find it. Your child will be able to change their books whenever they have finished one, they will be reminded to do so.                                                                 

Useful information


PE Days: We will continue to be working alongside Planet Education on Tuesdays, where a coach will lead the PE session. The class teacher will follow up this learning on the Monday PE session.


Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is clearly labelled with their name. If children have longer hair, please make sure they have this tied back on P.E days.  If your child has pierced ears, please also remove these on P.E days, otherwise we will have to cover them with tape.  



Friday afternoon

Please note; we will only be able to issue a new book if the previous one has been returned. A charge of £5.00 is made for lost books.


Message books: Outside the classroom in a yellow box are message books for each class. These books are for pick up information for the children in those classes. If they are going home with someone that is not a parent this will need to be written in there. If it is an ongoing arrangement please put it in writing for the class teacher.


Home school books: These are the red books that are in the children’s book bags. These are for information that you wish to keep confidential, if you have any concerns or if something has happened at home that we should be aware of. Please ensure you tell your child to give it to us, as we don’t check every book every day.


Open door Policy:

We hope that if you have any worries or concerns about your child that you feel we need to know about, you will come and speak to us as soon as it is convenient for you or make an appointment for a chat. We are always happy to see if we can help and we would like to make the transition from Reception to Year 1 as easy as possible.

Thank you

The Year 1 Team


Emily Branch, Becki Forder, Livi Oliver and Liz Ujszaszi-Evans

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