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On this page you will find a list of questions that we regularly get asked at the start of a school year.  


What should I be doing with my child before they start school?

We have included a separate page full of tips for helping your child to be ‘school ready’.  Please read that for ideas about what to do.


Will you be visiting my child's preschool setting?

As part of our normal transition procedures we do try to visit every child in their preschool/nursery setting.  If we are unable to visit then we will speak to all of the preschools, nurseries and child minders over the phone to ensure that we gain a full picture of your child before they start school.


What will my child need on their first day of school?

The only things that your child needs to bring to school each day is a water bottle, their book bag and coat.  All other resources are provided in school so your child does not need their own pencil case or stationery.  If children’s PE bags are ready for their first day many children also like to bring these with them as it gives them something to hang on to their named peg.  However, if they are not ready for the first day of school please do not worry, we will not be using their PE kits for the first few weeks.   


Please do not send your child with additional backpacks.  They do not need them and we don't have room to store them in school.


What if I forget to bring something, can I drop it off later?

Firstly, we understand that we are all humans and it is only natural that on occasion you might forget something.  If this happens, mention it to your class teacher.  A lot of the times we are able to manage for the day without whatever it may be.  However, if it is something that is definitely needed, then you can drop it off at the school office and it will be sent to your child's class.



What school uniform do I need?

At North Farnborough Infant School our school uniform is as follows:

  • School sweatshirt* or
  • School jumper*or
  • School cardigan *
  • School reversible jacket* (optional)
  • School book bag*
  • White shirt/blouse or white polo shirt
  • Grey skirt/pinafore dress or trousers
  • OR for Summer red and white gingham dress/grey shorts
  • White or grey socks or grey or black tights
  • Footwear – sensible black shoes as part of the uniform
    All the above items are available from Brenda’s and items marked *can only be purchased from them.
    130 Frimley Road,
    GU15 2QN
    Telephone 01276 469697
    Other than the sweatshirts or cardigans which need the school logo, you do not have to buy the uniform from any set shop.  It is perfectly fine to buy polo shirts, trousers, dresses and skirts from the supermarkets etc.
    Alternatively FONFIS (Friends of North Farnborough Infant School) our parent committee sell quality second hand uniform from the school.  If you wish to find out more about the uniform available from FONFIS please contact the school via telephone or email.
    Will my child need a P.E. Kit?

We do P.E once a week in Early Years so yes your child will need an indoor and outdoor P.E. kit.


  • Red school t-shirts*
  • Navy shorts
  • Trainers or plimsolls


Outdoor PE: As above, together with trainers or plimsolls and a plain tracksuit only needed for colder weather.


Again all the above items are available from Brenda’s and items marked *can only be purchased from them.

P.E kit should be place in a named school drawstring bag*.  Please make sure all items are named.


Do I have to pay for school dinners?

Currently all infant aged children (4-7 year olds) are entitled to a universal free school meal every day.  Our school caterers Clever Chefs provide a choice of healthy meals usually including a meat choice, a vegetarian choice and a jacket potato option. 

Children are also able to bring in their own packed lunch from home if they wish.


Do I need to provide my child with a snack?

The school is currently supplied with a range of fruit and vegetable snacks every day.  The children are able to access this snack at any point throughout the day. 


My child has allergies, what should I do?

We have several children at North Farnborough who have a range of allergies so please do not worry.  You will have been asked to complete a medical form for your child where you can put all the information about your child's allergy.  We have specialist school menus, so your child will still be able to have school dinners.  Once your child has started school we ensure that all staff are aware of them, and in the Dinner Hall they will be given a special dinner tray.  We are also a nut free school, so no nut products are used at lunch time or in class cooking lessons.

If you child has an epi pen or inhaler, we do ask for one to be kept at school in case of emergencies.  


My child needs medication, how is this managed?

If your child needs prescribed medication at any point when they are at school, you will be asked to complete a medical form.  Once this is completed and signed, staff at school will then be able to give your child the required medication.


When will I know which class my child is in?

We gather information from as many sources as possible, such as preschools and yourselves when setting the classes.  You will receive the information related to your child's class in your information pack and they will have the opportunity to attend a transition session where they will spend some time in their new classroom with the children and adults. 


My child doesn't know anyone else, will they be ok?

We are aware that starting school can be daunting if you don't know anyone else but please do not worry.  We have children join us from approximately 21 different preschool settings, so many children join us not knowing anyone else.  At North Farnborough we ensure that all staff are aware of children who have joined us on their own, so that we can give them a little bit of extra support when settling in and making new friends. 


My child isn't in the same class as their friend, can this be changed?

Once the classes have been set, we cannot change them due to the implications this would have on the other children.  When deciding the classes we take many factors into consideration, including advice from the preschool settings.  Sometimes this does result in children not being in the same class as their closest friend.  We work in a unit and spend very little time in the two separate classes, please do not worry if you feel this has happened to your child.  All children in the year group have opportunities throughout the the day to play together so all children will have interactions with everyone else.


Are there any extra-curricular clubs my child can join?

At the start of the year we do not open up any of our extra-curricular clubs to the children in Year R.  This is because we usually find that they are so tired for the first term, that the school day is long enough for them.  At the end of the Autumn Term you will receive a clubs letter detailing clubs that will be available to your child in the Spring Term.


My child will be attending Drop In or After School Club, how do they transfer from club to class?

Your child attending Drop In Club will be dropped off directly into the room where it takes place.  The doors for Drop In Club open promptly at 7.45am.  At 8.40 a.m. a member of staff from Drop In Club will lead and guide your child to their class allowing them to put away their belongings just before the rest of the class are welcomed in.


If your child is attending Conker Club (an after school club separate to school but run on our school premises) then a member of the Year R team will take your child to the club having ticked them off the Conker Club register and passing this onto a member of the Conker Club team. 


If you wish for your child at attend either of these clubs please see the website for more details.