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The aim of the English Curriculum is to enable all children to fully develop their ability to use and understand English. We believe that language skills are essential if a child is to access the full curriculum and so the teaching of English has prominence at North Farnborough Infant School. Speaking and listening, reading and writing should interact in the context of a wide-ranging and stimulating environment.


Speaking & Listening

Children are encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings, and to deepen their understanding through talk, as an individual to the teacher, in groups, and to the whole class as well as through role play and drama opportunities. We aim to develop effective listening skills by encouraging children to listen carefully, with patience and attention. This important skill is vital for future learning in all areas of the curriculum.



Reading is of fundamental importance. We aim to provide each child with the skills to read with fluency and understanding, within an environment where there is access to a wide range of books. It is our aim to develop a love for reading in our children through the use of a structured core reading scheme but introducing other complementary materials to broaden the reading experience as soon as possible through the use of colour coded books. We start to teach phonics at the beginning of the reception year and this continues throughout the school.  A strong home/school partnership is encouraged and books are sent home to be shared regularly. In addition, we have an excellent library where children have the opportunity to borrow a book every week and to develop research skills.



The conventions of written language and spelling are taught. Correct letter formation and the fostering of a legible, fluent style of writing will be developed by a variety of means. The teachers plan appropriate activities that encourage children to experiment with language, thus enabling them to develop the ability to read and write with confidence and fluency. They develop their writing to convey meaning and express thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Please click here for a link to the National Curriculum for English.

Long Term Overview