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School Day

The School Day


Classrooms open8.45am
Registration 8.55 - 9am
Playtime Year 110.15am
Playtime Year 210.30am
Lunchtime12 noon - 1pm
Registration1pm - 1.05pm
End of the day3.15pm


Arriving at School

Please ensure your child arrives promptly at school.  Registration is used to draw the whole class together to plan the day and is of great benefit to staff and children.


Registers close at 9.00am and for security purposes security locks will prevent external access to the classrooms.  Children arriving after this time must report to the school office for registration.  Parents will be asked to sign their children in.



Morning play is supervised by teaching and support staff.  Children are provided with fruit/vegetables to eat at playtime.


Leaving at the end of the School Day

School ends at 3.15pm for all classes.  If parents are unavoidably delayed children will be supervised until their arrival at the front entrance.  A phone call notifying us if you have been delayed is essential so that we may reassure children.

Children will not be released until collected by their parents or other nominated carer.  If you have to change your regular arrangements please notify the class teacher in writing.  If you have to phone in changes (e.g. in an emergency) we may need to phone you back to confirm identity and arrangements for security purposes.


Car Parking

We celebrate that many of our children walk to school.  However, we ask those parents who do need to drive to school to drop and collect their children giving care and consideration to everyone else in the school community.  Our school car park is for staff and visitor cars only and does not have capacity for any parent parking, turning or dropping off of children.  For the safety of everyone please remember this if bringing a car to school.