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Forms and Procedures

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Medicines in school – we are able to store medication if your child needs it regularly, such as inhalers for asthma, or needs to complete a course of prescribed medication when the frequency is in excess of 3 times a day. In all cases parents must complete the relevant permission form available at the school office. All medicines must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.


Entering the school – in order to ensure that the children are secure and safe we are constantly reviewing our security procedures. All visitors are asked to enter the school via the main reception office where they will be asked to sign in and wear a visitors badge in order to identify themselves. 


Medical checks – we have excellent relationships with the school nurse who is available to you to discuss your child’s health. She also assists us in understanding the different needs of your children. No medical examination will take place without your prior consent. At regular periods the School Health Services carry out monitoring of various health issues such as dental problems or hearing defects.


Illness –   if your child is unable to attend school due to illness, please inform the school office by 9.20am on each absent day.  Should your child become unwell during school hours we will contact you to arrange for them to be collected.


Regular attendance –  Holidays should not be booked for during term time. Authorisation by the Headteacher is necessary for any absences. If a pupil has a medical/dental appointment during school hours, please inform the class teacher and your child should be collected from the school office.  


Schools are on private property – due to limited parking and for the safety of our children and families, we do not allow parking on our school grounds before and after school.