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English as an additional langauge (EAL)

North Farnborough Infant School has a diverse and multicultural community. Over fifteen different langauges are spoken.


We recognise the uniqueness of every child based on their skills, attitudes, needs and life experiences. We value our rich multi-cultural school and we embrace the opportunities that this provides for all our children. We recognise that not all children arrive at school fluent in English and are aware of all the different cultural aspects of British life.


This leaflet explains why we ask parents for information about a child’s first language: it is used to help the teachers give the best support possible to your child.


We celebrate cultural diversity and understand the advantages of being bilingual. We also recognise that if a child develops good use of home language, they are in a better position to achieve high competence in English and succeed in school. We appreciate then how much you can help your child do well in school by reading and talking to them in the home language.


Please choose a leaflet below to find out more about bringing up children bilingually.




Further information can be found here