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Year 2 Newsletter - Summer 1 2018


Summer Term 1 2018


Welcome Back

We hope you had a good Easter!


This term our topic is ‘Earth and Beyond’.


Throughout this topic we will be learning all about the Solar System and the planets within it. We will be discovering all about the history behind the first man on the moon and we will be designing and making our own space buggies. This topic will also be the main focus for our English work.


In Numeracy we will be looking to develop many of the skills we covered in the Autumn and Spring Term. We will be furthering our knowledge and skills of time, comparing amounts using < and > symbols, inverse of +, -, x and ÷, fractions, data handling, rotation and different operations. This half term many of our activities will be in the form of a problem solving approach getting the children to apply the knowledge and skills they are developing of the above mathematical concepts.


PE This term we will be going outside for PE to develop our Rugby and Games skills. The children will be wearing their normal PE kits and are allowed to wear their jumpers/cardigans if the weather is chilly.


This Term we have been joined by Miss McComish who is a PGCE student from Winchester University. She will be with us until 6th July based in Aspen Class.



  1. this half term due to the SAT’s we will be only setting one lot of homework which will be on Education City. This consists of 3 test papers, one for Maths, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. These tests have been set to last the whole half term so that children can access them and complete sections of the test as and when they can. They have been set purely to help the children practice their skills of reading and answering questions in a fun situation. This is not meant to be a test of your child’s skills and please keep the time they spend on each test short and enjoyable.


The children will be starting their SAT tests from Tuesday 1st May 2018. Each week throughout May the children will sit a different SATs Paper. These will be timetabled in during normal morning school activities and will be done in groups with three adults in the hall. Our aim is to make this as stress free as possible for the children, and once again we would like to reinforce that the children’s final assessment is based on teacher judgements from their whole years’ work rather than just purely on these tests.



If you child is now a ‘free reader’ we will no longer be hearing them read individually. They will now be put into book club groups where they will share a text, talking about events, characters and comparing the text to another. If your child is still reading ORT books they will still receive an individual read but the day they are heard may change. We will inform you when your child will read or attend book club. All children will still have books changed for continuing their reading practise at home and will have their key words checked weekly.


If you have any worries, questions or concerns regarding the SATs or any other matter please don’t hesitate to come and speak to a member of the Year 2 Team.


Thank you all for your continued support


Miss Matier, Miss Thomas, Mrs Fowler, Mrs Smith, Miss Oliver, Mrs Oliver and Mrs McArdell



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