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Welcome to Year R

Year R Newsletter Spring 2019


Dear Parents,


We would like to begin by saying how proud we are of how all the children have settled into school life. They are becoming confident learners and are really beginning to develop a love for learning.


This term our exploring and learning will be based around two different topics.


Spring 1: What a wonderful world!

Spring2: Exploring nature


Each week we assess and evaluate the children’s skills and knowledge and plan for their next steps. We use these next steps alongside the children’s interest to make sure our activities are meeting all of the children’s needs.


In phonics the children have now learnt all of the individual letter sounds (phonemes) and we are now focusing on learning our ‘special friends’ (graphemes) such as; ‘ow’, ‘ee’, ‘igh’. The children are now using their phonics more confidently to help them when reading and writing simple words.


In our writing we have been working on using our phonic knowledge to help us sound out and write simple words. We are now going to continue to use those skills to help us to write simple sentences. As part of this, we are going to be learning about sentence structures and punctuation knowing that we start a sentence with a capital letter, we use finger spaces to break up our words and we end our sentence with a full stop.


In Maths we are going to be developing our knowledge, skills and use of language related to length, height, weight and capacity. We will be taking part in various activities requiring us to investigate, explore and explain our findings.





  • Reading: All of your children now have an individual reading day that was highlighted to you on a sticker in their red Home School Book. Please make sure that their reading books and red Home School Book are in their bags on those days. Please make sure that when you have heard your child read or shared their books at home that you record this in their red Home School Book. We use what you say about how your child is reading at home as part of our assessment in making sure your child is reading the correct level book and that you are also fulfilling your role as signed in the home school agreement to hear your child read at home.


  • Outside learning: Whatever the weather, come rain or shine the children will have opportunities on a daily basis for outside play, so please ensure they come to school with a warm coat. We do not want any children missing the fun!



  • Clothing: We are finding many of you have to return clothes that do not belong to your child, especially following PE, as they are not named. Making sure your child’s clothing is clearly labelled will help the children to find their clothing more independently and make sure all clothing gets back to the correct owner. Therefore, can we please ask that you make sure all the children’s clothes and shoes are named.


  • Library: Don’t forget that our library day is on a Wednesday afternoon where the children will have an opportunity to choose a book from the school library and return it the following week. Please make sure your child’s library book is in their bag each Wednesday.


  • PE: For Spring 1 PE will be on Thursday mornings, in Spring 2 (after February half term) it will be on Tuesday mornings. Occasionally we have to change PE to a different morning due to events taking place within school. If we do need to change the day we will always let you know on our weekly noticeboard found at the front of the school.


  • Noticeboard: Each week we create a brief overview of what is to come for the week ahead. This is found in the noticeboard at the front of the school.



Do not forget if there is anything you would like to ask us, feel free to come in and speak to any member of the Early Years team.


Yours Sincerely,


The Early Years team


Laura Matier, Jo Thomas, Tina Todd & Donna Butler


Spring Term 2 Topic Web

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What's happening this week in YR