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Year R Newsletter – Spring 2 2018


Dear Parents,


Welcome back from the Early Years team. We hope you have all had a lovely half term. This letter will explain the topic for the half term and some of the activities the children will be doing. We hope this information will enable you to support your child in a variety of ways, including discussion and lots of practical, fun activities.


Topics for the term

Our topic for the second half of the term is Once upon a time. We will be looking at lots of our favourite stories and traditional tales that we are going to be retelling through the use of puppets to recreate the story. We have lots of fun and practical activities planned for the children to develop their learning.


We have begun to talk to the children about the importance of taking responsibility in and around the school and will be building on this to create our Class Charter this half-term.

Collaboration is also the whole school focus this half term for children to be placed on the Woodland Award, with the possibility of the winner bringing home the class mascot for the weekend.


Due to the changes in the National Curriculum, there is a huge emphasis on handwriting. It is imperative that our children are able to write their letters using the correct formation so that they will be able to master the skill of joined up writing in Years 1 and 2.

The DFE have stated that children who are unable to form their letters correctly in Year 2 at the end of Key Stage 1 SATS tests, will not achieve the higher levels even if they have accomplished the other skills needed.

In order to help you support your child we are sending home regular handwriting homework to supplement the work done in class. Please work with your child, reciting the letter rhymes as a prompt to help them start in the right place. Developing neat writing takes time and practise. It is far better that they learn to form their letters and numbers correctly from the beginning, before getting into bad habits, that will be difficult to correct later.


Well done to the children who have logged on to Education City for the homework activities. This is one of the resources we use in class too and the children love the programmes! The activities are differentiated so that they support and develop your child’s learning. Maths games are great fun to share with your child and are available in the Library on Mondays and Fridays.


Don’t forget parents’ evenings on Wednesday 7th March and Thursday 15th March 2017.


If there is anything you would like to ask us, feel free to come in and speak to any member of the team, alternatively jot down any messages in the red Home School book but …

Please remember to leave a message in the Message Book at the front door to inform us to check book bags. We do not check Home School Books daily.


Yours sincerely,

Early Years Team

Nicki Essex Laura Ireland

Tina Todd Donna Butler

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