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This is an exciting and highly motivating area of the curriculum. As well as developing ICT skills, we use computers to support other areas of the curriculum.


Each classroom is equipped with at least two PC computers and printer and an interactive whiteboard. Children’s skills progression is also developed through the use of the school’s Laptops and ipads. The children learn that the computers can be used to help plan and organise ideas in written and graphical form. They will become familiar with computer hardware, learning the skills necessary to print, save and retrieve their work. They will experience talking word processors, databases, graphics and a variety of exciting information using CD ROMs.


The school is connected to the Internet and the children have experience of sending and receiving e-mail and of realising that the Internet is a source for finding information. Programmable machines are used to help develop work in control technology. Through this work children learn that they are able to give instructions to make things happen. Our own web page has been reviewed and is regularly updated.


We are continually looking to utilise this technology for the benefit of our children.

E Safety

We hold biannual E Safety training for children, parents and staff to ensure that our children and families understand how to keep safe when using the internet at home and school. There are also regular reminders during the school year.

Please click here for a link to the National Curriculum for Computing.