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Week ending 13th January 2017

Emergency School Closures - All you need to know

13 January 2017

Dear Parents,


Emergency School Closures


I thought it would be timely to remind you of the procedures we will follow if we have to close the school.


When we experience extreme weather, a decision on whether the school will be able to open cannot usually be made until the site and teaching staffing levels have been assessed and a risk assessment has been carried out. We endeavour to do this as early as possible and will usually make the decision by 7.30AM.


During heavy snow, whenever possible we will open but this is often with a skeleton staff, during these times will we give you the option of bringing your child into school or keeping them at home, this will be recorded as an authorised absence and will not affect their attendance record.


Please find below the procedure we will follow in the event of an emergency school



  1. We will send you a text message and email to inform you of the school closure and the reason why.


  1. We will leave a message on the school answer phone advising of the closure, please call on 01252 544606


  1. We will inform Hampshire County Council of our school closure and they will enter the details on their website


  1. Hampshire County Council will also inform Radio Stations BBC Surrey (104.6FM), Eagle Radio (96.4FM) and Heart Thames Valley (106.2FM) who will issue announcements.


  1. We will enter school closure details on our website.


Please appreciate that all this technology may be slow or even break down altogether due to the volumes of schools using these services, so persevere!


Kind regards


Sarah Holland


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