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SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) information


Every child at some point during its school life requires extra attention. This might be extra time from their teacher to take them beyond what they thought they could do, or equally extra help with something they are finding particularly difficult. Either situation requires special attention, with the class teacher initially analysing the situation, assisted by the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) if necessary. We believe in early intervention to ensure that all children have equality of opportunity and achieve their best.


We implement the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice to ensure that children’s special needs are identified as quickly as possible and that early action is taken to meet those needs. This promotes a strong partnership between parents, the school, the Local Authority and other services.  


A programme of learning or behavioural activities related to these special needs is then drawn up and, possibly with the help of an experienced Teaching Assistant who works alongside the class teacher, the child’s needs will be met. This programme, sometimes called an I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan), is reviewed at regular intervals, and is shared with parents and the children. We may involve other experts such as Speech and Language Therapists or Educational Psychologists to ensure that we have all the resources and expertise we need. Whenever this seems necessary, we ask parents to become closely involved, making sure that the best interests of your children come first. Very occasionally, a Statement of Educational Need may be drawn up to ensure that a child’s needs are fully met.


Please click on the documents below to read about our SEND provision and to look at our SEND policy


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The school and the Local Authority are committed to the integration of all students regardless of disability or learning difficulties. This is reflected in our admissions and inclusions policies. The school promotes a caring environment which is positive and supportive to all and is very conscious of the need for equality of opportunity. The school does everything possible to reduce and, where possible, eliminate barriers to accessing the curriculum and to enable full participation at North Farnborough for pupils, staff, parents and visitors with a disability into the day to day life of the school.


In line with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 the school has an accessibility plan which will gradually provide disabled access to the building, we have much to do as the school was constructed in 1868 when no thought was given to ease of access. The Accessibility Plan is available for parents to see on request and includes; short, medium and long term targets for increasing access for disabled pupils to the school curriculum; improving access to the physical environment of the school; and improving the delivery of written information to disabled pupils. The accessibility Plan is reviewed and updated annually.  The School has multiple changes of level and many sets of steps within the building which need to be modified on a rolling programme. Two classrooms are upstairs, and the stairs are very narrow which makes it impossible to make the building completely accessible for wheelchair users without extensive building works.  Current access to the building is good with the exception of the main school entrance, which is accessed via steps.  Level access is available around the school site and to the school office, but only by prior appointment.  We do have ambient friendly toilets which are not suitable for all wheelchair access.  Signage at the front of the school indicates access routes.


 Parents of pupils with physical disabilities that restrict mobility will need to visit the school site well in advance of the child’s entry date to discuss and plan ways for access to the school to be achieved.  North Farnborough Infant school is regarded as a school where inclusion is managed successfully, however as detailed above, this is achieved best when school and parents work closely together and parents have considered carefully, prior to entry, if the school has the expertise, facilities and resources to meet their child’s educational needs.   All information is available from school in a range of other alternative formats on request, e.g. Braille, audio cassette etc. Please let us know beforehand of any special arrangements, or facilities that may be needed. We would ask that you phone ahead if on site parking is required so that a space can be reserved close to the entrance.